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Info: Edit

Skar is yet another side character in the story of My Friends are Killers, although he is somewhat involved heavily in the storyline, Skar is known for taking in "The Group" after the accident in Chapter Nine.

Appearance: Edit

Skar's attire consists of a red ripped jacket, a white undershirt, black ripped jeans, a dark deep red scarf, black fingerless gloves and black combat boots.

Skar's complexion consists of warm ivory coloured skin, bright blue eyes and messy/curly dirty blonde hair.

Personality: Edit

Skar is a rather quiet individual, although he may seem reluctant to fight if one were to cross his "family" he would go to the ends of the earth to destroy the creator of chaos. Star cares deeply for his family and can be rather kind. Although do not be fooled by this facade, he is just as insane as the main cast.

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Fun Facts: Edit

-Skar's Weaponry consists of Duel wielded desert eagles, a katanna and explosives.

-Skar's favourite colour is blood red and black.

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