Info: Edit

Sebres is a supporting cast character, Not much is known about Sebres other than the fact that he can help Venacid and Dylan Search for Hewie. Nothing of his backstory or anything of relevance has been released on Sebres yet from Heidi (MadHearts/SnowNeko14)

Appearance: Edit

Sebres has dark black gel filled hair, jet black eyes and ivory skin.

Sebres' attire consists of a large black trenchcoat-like-jacket with a high collar, Black buckled boots and a necklace with a strange pendent attached to it. What is beneath the coat is entirely unknown.

Personality: Edit

Sebres is a serious character that doesn't like acts of stupidity, Sebres is often seen getting in between Venacid and Dylan's petty fights on the journey to save Hewie.

Fun Facts: Edit

- Not much is known about Sebres

- Sebres' arsenal is unknown

- Sebres despises stupidity.

- Sebres' favourite shade is black and his favourite colour is purple.

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