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My Friends Are Killers is an original, web published story created by Heidi Van Leeuwen (SnowNeko14). It follows the story of Hewie, Scarlet, Jason, Skylar and Venacid, trained assassins and masters in their chosen methods of assassination. Each has their own depressing backstory that brought them together, and each has differences and secrets could tear them apart.

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They say that the moment the human race discovered technology, greed soon came after. Or was it that Greed came before? Ahh it's been such a long time I've completely forgotten! Ahaha! Ahem, anyway in a city far west of the earth’s continent. Completely forgotten by the world’s sky a large city sat there between both sun and Earth but far away to only reach the light of the moonlit sky. This city was called Ignis a wide and vast city that will forever be shrouded with dark clouds and rain. Many would think of it as a paradise but those who lived there say otherwise. For the people of the city live in constant danger and poverty well...those who cannot pay the loan that is. The loan is of course what it says it is. People must pay to live in this city or they will be neglected by all. Ignis of course is not a harsh city other than its horrible democracy and dangers of the law the city is a safe place. That's why these people are rare. Well the sane ones that is. Yes most citizens that have been unable to pay off the loan they have stepped down to the rank of criminal and murder just to gain money to live a sustainable life. Most people that have been unable to pay off the loan after gaining the money they return to normal but sometimes there has been the case of those who choose not to pay off the loan but to use this money to buy an assortments of weaponry and rebel against the city. That's where we start off now.


There will be blood and swearing!

Also most action doesn't start till chapters four and up so please be patient! X3

There is also a character who most likely doesn't wear any pants.

The story can be read here

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Friends by madhearts-d8edd59

Group Shot (From left to right) Scarlet, Venacid, Hewie, Skylar, Jason.

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