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Info:[edit | edit source]

Meek is a Side character in the My Friends are Killers story although she is a major character of the Second Season. Meek is known to have taken in "The Group" after the accident in her first appearance in chapter 20. Despite this she is just as insane as the others.

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Meek's attire consists of a Hooded jumper that is white at the top and light blue at the bottom, a dark blue short pleated skirt, and black heeled boots that go to just below her knee.

Meek's complexion consists of her pale skin, short wavy dark brown hair complete with her hickory brown eyes

Personality:[edit | edit source]

Meek's personality is rather well meek, she's a polite person whom is willing to let strangers into her household if she must. Although do not be fooled by her generosity she is a ruthless killer who will do (almost) anything to protect her family

Fun Facts:[edit | edit source]

-Meek's weaponry consists of daggers, butterfly knives and grappling hooks.

-Meek loves to climb and is very stealthy.

-Meek's Favourite colour is cyan.

-Meek despises British accents.

Art and Seen Appearances:[edit | edit source]

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