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Info: Edit

Dylan is a supporting cast character, although he is rather heavily involved with the storyline. Dylan is known to be a real smart ass and a rather annoying character, although he is very helpful and is known as the only "sane" one in "The Group"

Appearance: Edit

Dylan has short, messy silver/white hair, Blue eyes and Pale Skin.

Dylan's attire consists of black jeans, bandages wrapped his hands, a metal arm piece to act as a shield, black skate shoes, a white undershirt and a dark maroon jacket that has a grey pattern for the trim.

Personality: Edit

Dylan is a smart ass and a real sarcastic character, although he knows to be serious, he loves to try in futile attemp to lighten the mood.

Fun Facts: Edit

- Dylan's favorited colours are purple, black and white. 

-Dylan's weaponry consists of two katanas.

-Dylan enjoys making a mockery of people (Especially Venacid).

-Dylan is the only "sane" one in "The Group".

-Dylan sometimes borrows Hewie's sniper rifle.

-Dylan and Jason are a running gag within the story as a humorous ship which is hinted at but has not been proven by Heidi if they are cannon.

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